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The Sanctuary Development Bulletin | December 2023


Words by Ausbuild

Dec 11, 20233 min read

We are pleased to share an update on the progress at The Sanctuary, Ausbuild’s new master-planned residential community in Warner.

Warner Road Upgrade

The second stage of the road upgrade in front of Stage 3 is drawing to a close with the temporary traffic lights set to be removed on 11 December. We have received criticism over the time frame that these lights have been in place. We understand that you the community have been patient with our team as we created the various upgrades and thank you for this. With the removal of the temporary traffic lights your commute will be better along Warner Rd.

We appreciate that Warner Road continues to be a busy area that is experiencing a high volume of vehicle, machinery, and pedestrian traffic. Your safety is our priority so please continue to observe all road signage and changes during the next phase of work which will be dwelling construction across Stages 3 & 4. Please continue to observe speed limits at the slow down areas for wildlife. I will reiterate that we have been advised by the community that not all are adhering to the speed controls. We urge you to please observe these controls for your safety, the wider community’s safety, and our wildlife.

Civil Works – Stages 1 & 2

The first of three new display homes has been completed at 9 Habitat Blvd and the remaining two are under construction. Once all the dwellings across Stages 1 & 2 are complete, our landscapers will move across Stages 1 & 2, tidy up the verges and plant the street trees that we had deferred until the dwellings were built.

The common areas including the kick-and-chase zone, experience pathways and community park are complete and fully accessible. The landscape contractor is on site now linking the local park to interface with Stages 3 & 4, which will complete that section. The revegetation in the riparian reserve corridors is rapidly growing. Wildlife has already moved in, with birds and small creatures happily settling into their new home. To protect local wildlife in the riparian reserve, dogs are not permitted in the kick-and-chase zone.

Childcare Centre and Swim School

The childcare centre construction is well underway with the roof now on and the arbor steelwork in place along the eastern boundary. The swim school has achieved development approval, and a building application is to be lodged shortly.

Civil Works – Stages 3 & 4

Civil work will be complete within a couple of weeks and as both Stages 3 & 4 have been registered, settlements are scheduled to occur from late December 2023. From January dwelling construction will begin. To keep the community safe, we will keep the temporary fencing along Habitat Blvd next to the local park to prevent entry into Stage 3 & 4. Additionally, temporary fencing will remain in front of the six lots between the new entry road (Haven St) and 94 Warner Rd. Temporary fencing will also close off the remaining roads into Stage 3 which are, Habitat Blvd and Alcove St. Dwelling construction vehicles will enter Stages 3 & 4 via the construction gate on the northwestern section of Habitat Blvd. Access to the local park and kick and chase area will remain available.

Dwelling construction work will continue to be undertaken between the approved hours of 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, and subject to weather conditions.

Civil Works – Warner South

Site preparation work for Warner South is expected to commence in January 2024 pending operational work approvals and a contractor tendering process, and as always, we will continue to keep you informed through these bulletins. Early works will involve relocating the existing power poles, NBN and Telstra services so there will be disruption as these activities are carried out. More detail will be provided about the properties that will be affected as the service providers acting for NBN and Telstra arrange to undertake the work.

Balance Development – Warner South

We have prepared and lodged a development application over the remaining properties on the southern side of Warner Rd that are detailed in council’s updated Warner Investigation Area plan (127 (part) and 137 Warner Rd). Details of the application can be found here: https://ausbuild-my.sharepoint... or council’s PD Online (DA Tracker). The design is consistent with previously approved layouts for Warner North and South. 


We welcome your feedback and enquiries. These Development Bulletins are printed and distributed throughout the year to local residents and are available online at

www.ausbuild.com.au/communities/thesanctuary-warner/news.For supplier, jobs and community

partnership enquiries, or to receive these Development Bulletins directly by email, please contact the Ausbuild team at thesanctuary@ausbuild.com.au.

To learn more about The Sanctuary’s current house and land opportunities, please visit the onsite Sales Display or call 1300 526 301.

Please note: The Ausbuild office will be closed from 12 noon Friday, 22 December 2023 and reopening Monday, 8 January 2023. For urgent contact during this period please call our office on 07 32450600 and the call will be diverted to our emergency contact.


The Ausbuild Development Team