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The Sanctuary Development Bulletin | September 2023


Words by Ausbuild

Sept 28, 20233 min read

We are pleased to share an update on the progress at The Sanctuary, Ausbuild’s new master-planned residential community in Warner.

Since our last update in July 2023, there has been significant progress, with more than 80 homes now well under construction or completed in Stages 1 and 2, and civil construction progressing well and drawing to a close across Stages 3 and 4. Sales continue to increase as we get closer to completing the construction of these initial stages.

The childcare centre construction is also well underway.

Site preparation works for Warner South are expected to commence later in the year closer to Christmas, pending operational work approvals and a contractor tendering process, and as always, we will continue to keep you informed through these bulletins.

Warner Road Upgrade

The second stage of the road upgrade is well advanced in front of Stage 3 with the northern lane due to reopen mid-October. Currently, construction traffic lights control this area. Once this section of road is completed, traffic will be re-routed to move along the northern side of Warner Rd while we re-build the southern side. The contractor expects the southern side to be complete by the end of
November at which point the construction traffic lights will be removed. Additionally, a new water main is currently being laid on the southern side of Warner Rd from Stage 3 up to the intersection at Whimbrell Street. Currently, a second set of construction traffic lights control traffic around the contractor while the water main is being constructed. The contractor advised that the water main is expected to be finished and the second set of traffic lights removed by the end of October (4 weeks).

We appreciate that Warner Road continues to be a busy area experiencing a high volume of vehicle, machinery, and pedestrian traffic. This will become unfortunately more congested now that the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is undertaking road upgrades to Eatons Crossing Road. Your safety is our priority, so please continue to observe all road signage and changes during
this construction period and observe speed limits at the slow-down areas for wildlife. We have been advised by the community that not all are adhering to the traffic control. We urge you to please observe these controls for your safety, the wider community’s safety, and our wildlife.

Civil Works – Stages 1 & 2

Construction of dwellings is drawing to a close and we have several new display homes under construction which we look forward to presenting to you in the new year if not earlier. Shortly now that the majority of dwellings are completed, we will move across Stages 1 & 2 and tidy up the verges and plant the street trees that we had deferred until most of the dwellings were built.

You may note that the common areas, including the kick and chase zone, experience pathways and community park are complete and fully accessible. The landscape contractor is on site now linking the local park into the interface with Stages 3 & 4, which will complete that section. The revegetation in the riparian reserve corridors is rapidly growing and the vista across this area will change as the summer rains entice the vegetation to madly grow. Wildlife has already moved in, with
birds and small creatures happily settling into their new home. To protect local wildlife in the riparian
reserve, dogs are not permitted in the kick-and-chase zone.

Civil Works – Stages 3 & 4

Civil work remains on track for completion later this year, with settlements scheduled to occur from November 2023. Civil work will continue to be undertaken between the approved hours of 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, and subject to weather conditions.

Further Information and Feedback

We welcome your feedback and enquiries. These Development Bulletins are printed and distributed throughout the year to local residents and are available online.

For queries on this update or site works at The Sanctuary or the Warner Road upgrade, please contact our contractor Darrin Dodunski at Shadforth on 0438 179 764 or email darrin@shadcivil.com.au.

For supplier, jobs and community partnership enquiries, or to receive these Development Bulletins directly by email, please contact the Ausbuild team at thesanctuary@ausbuild.com.au.

Finally, to learn more about The Sanctuary’s current house and land opportunities, please visit the onsite Sales Display or call 1300 526 301.