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Ausbuild Site Induction

Current as at October 2022

The Ausbuild Site Induction provides important information regarding workplace health and safety requirements and has been developed in accordance with the requirements outlined in the WHS Management Plan. All workers are required to complete the induction before commencing work activities on-site.


Step 1 - Please read each section below as you will be required to complete an assessment at the end of the induction.

Step 2 - Complete the ‘Ausbuild Site Induction – Assessment’.  


Workers attending a commercial construction site will be required to complete an additional site-specific induction.


        We’re the creator of more than 75 residential communities throughout South East Queensland and the builder of more than 8,900 homes. To date, over 23,500 people currently live in an Ausbuild home.

        We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and we’re here for the long haul.

        We are committed to producing sustainable and liveable communities that benefit the families that will call them home and creating something that they can be proud of. Our strengths lie within our teams’ experience and expertise in construction, design, acquisitions, sales, marketing and client services, and our drive to continually fight the constraints of the norm.

        Workplace Health and Safety

        The Workplace Health and Safety Management Plan outlines the requirements and processes that must be followed across all construction sites operated by Ausbuild.    The plan is provided during the onboarding process; however, the plan can also be requested by any person who is carrying out construction work on the site.  Electronic and/or hard copies can be made available to any worker and can be requested from the Ausbuild Building Supervisors and/or WHS team.  

        What is outlined in the plan?

        1.  Relevant Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice relevant to the work activities being undertaken. 
        2.  Provides contact details of Ausbuild Representatives.
        3.  Outlines Ausbuild's health and safety policy (as well as other policies relevant to health and safety). 
        4.  Details the roles and responsibilities of all persons on the construction site. 
        5.  Outlines how Ausbuild will communicate, consult and coordinate with interested parties. 
        6.  Provides information on how Ausbuild manages risk and expects all others to do the same. 
        7.  Provides information regarding high-risk construction activities and the use of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). 
        8.  Outlines specific site safety procedures relevant to the work activities being undertaken. 
        9.  Provides information on how to respond to emergencies and report incidents in a timely manner. 
        10.  Provides workers with access to 'quick links', allowing workers access to the induction, policies and procedures, hazard notification form, incident notification and safety alerts.

        WHS Compliance

        Public Safety & Site Security

        Public safety is paramount.  All workers must reinstate temporary fencing and ensure the site is secured by physical means.  e.g. chain/padlock, fence clamp or zip tie.  Close windows, lock doors and roller doors.  Public footpaths should be kept clear to allow pedestrians safe passage.

        Site Access & Parking

        Workers are required to access the site via the rubble driveway provided and under no circumstance dismantle or jump over any fencing to gain access.  Vehicles must be parked on one side of the street to allow other vehicles to pass safely.  No parking is permitted on footpaths or neighbouring blocks (even if it is an Ausbuild site). 


        Priority must be given to mobile-powered plant operators (cranes, concrete boom pumps, trucks, bobcats etc.) and delivery of materials.  Subcontractors are required to comply with the 'delivery of materials policy' outlined in the WHS Plan. 

        Unacceptable Workplace Behaviour

        Unacceptable workplace behaviour will not be tolerated on Ausbuild sites.  All workers must behave in a socially acceptable manner.

        Examples of unacceptable workplace behaviour include: 

        • Aggressive or abusive behaviour, such as threatening gestures or actual violence or assault. 
        • Verbal abuse and using offensive language. 
        • Being under the influence of illicit drugs or impaired by alcohol. 
        • Performing unsafe work practices.
        • Bullying, harassment or intimidation. 
        • Stealing or misuse of resources provided by Ausbuild. 
        • Viewing or listening to (i.e. playlist) offensive content.

        Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

        • High visual (High-Vis) shirts, vests or singlets must be worn at all times while on site. Do not cover high-vis with a jumper.
        • Safety footwear (steel cap) must be worn unless it is not practical, i.e. when undertaking roofing works etc. At a minimum, closed-in shoes must be worn.
        • The use of hard hats when working below others and there is a risk of falling objects.
        • Task-specific PPE outlined in your Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), i.e. respiratory protection, hearing protection, gloves etc.


        Smoking inside any building once the framing has been installed is prohibited.  No smoking near or around flammable substances.

        Illicit Drugs & Alcohol 

        Illicit drugs and alcohol are prohibited on all Ausbuild construction sites.  Persons found to be under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol may be banned from the site. 

        Site Amenities & Facilities 

        Portable toilets and hand washing facilities will be provided and maintained by Ausbuild in accordance with industry guidelines.  Workers are not permitted to use toilets that have been installed in the homes. 

        Drinking water will be provided via the mains water supply (tap or hose).  If the mains water supply cannot be connected within a reasonable timeframe, Ausbuild will provide alternative means of drinking water supply. 

        Waste Management

        All workers are required to keep their work areas clean and tidy (good housekeeping).  All rubbish or waste must be placed in the skip bins provided.  

        Workers must not overload skip bins.  Notification to Ausbuild is required if skip bins need replacing. 

        Electrical Tools

        All electrical equipment must be inspected before each use.  Where faults or damage have been identified, isolate the tool by removing it from the site until it can be serviced or replaced. 

        All electrical tools and equipment (including charges) require electrical testing and tagging (which must be completed every 3 months).

        Ensure Residual Current Devices (RCD's) are in good condition and are working.  Test each RCD daily before using electrical tools and/or equipment. 

        Workers must use powered tools in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or specifications.   

        Hazardous Chemicals & Dangerous Goods

        Before using any hazardous chemical, the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be referred to, and suitable controls followed.

        Workers must have access to both relevant SDS's and a current hazardous substance register. 

        Handling, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals must be undertaken in accordance with the relevant SDS. 

        Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

        Workers are required to review and comply with the control measures outlined in the relevant SWMS before undertaking high-risk construction work activities.  The SWMS must be readily available during high-risk construction work activities. 

        Working At Heights

        Ausbuild will engage the services of a licensed contractor to provide scaffolding (or other suitable temporary work platforms).  

        Under no circumstances are workers allowed to make unauthorised alterations to any provided working platform without Ausbuild's written authorisation. 

        Ladders, step ladders or trestles must be used in accordance with the relevant manufacturer's instructions or specifications. 

        Young Workers

        Young workers must be provided with suitable instruction, training and supervision while working on Ausbuild construction sites.  

        General Construction Induction

        All workers must have a current General Construction Induction Card (white/blue) and must be readily available upon request. 

        Mobile Powered Plant

        The appropriate licence and/or training competency must be held in order to operate any mobile-powered plant.   Operators are responsible for ensuring the mobile-powered plant is in good condition and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or specifications. 

        Overhead & Underground Services

        All workers are required to comply with the relevant exclusion zones when undertaking work activities in close proximity to overhead electrical lines.  Where work activities need to be undertaken in close proximity to electrical services, consult with Ausbuild prior to commencing work.  Before performing any digging activities, ensure Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) plans have been obtained to confirm the locations of existing services.   If there is any uncertainty, consult with Ausbuild prior to digging. 

        Work Hours

        Work hours are from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday.  No work is permitted on Sundays or Public Holidays.

        First Aid Kits

        The subcontractor must ensure suitable first aid kits are available to their workers.  First aid kits must be regularly inspected and items restocked where required. 

        Fire Extinguishers

        The subcontractor must ensure workers have access to a 1A:10B:E (1 kg) Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (as a minimum).

        Heat Exhaustion

        Workers must monitor themselves for heat-related illnesses.  Common symptoms include:

        • Headache
        • Nausea
        • Dizziness
        • Weakness
        • Irritability 
        • Thirst
        • Heavy sweating
        • Elevated body temperature
        • Decreased urine output

        To manage heat exhaustion: 

        • Drink plenty of water
        • Avoid undertaking strenuous activities during hotter parts of the day
        • Take regular rest breaks during hotter parts of the day
        • Rotate work tasks
        • Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks
        • Report heat-related symptoms to your supervisor immediately
        • 30 + Sunscreen is recommended at a minimum of 3-4 hours apart

        Traffic Management

        All workers are required to comply with any outlined Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) or Traffic Management Plan (TMP).  Ausbuild will engage the services of an accredited traffic controller where work activities may interfere with other motorists, pedestrians or cyclists.  Workers are not permitted to direct traffic without holding the appropriate accreditation. 

        Emergency & Incident Management

        Incident Reporting

        Regardless of how minor, all incidents must be reported to Ausbuild as soon as possible.  

        Incidents can be reported using the Quick Link QR 'Incident Notification' (refer to WHS plan) or by notifying the Ausbuild Building Supervisor and/or WHS team.

        Notifiable Incidents

        Some incidents are deemed 'notifiable' and must be reported to WorkSafe Qld and QBCC as soon as possible.  Notifiable incidents have been defined in the WHS plan.  Incident scenes that have been deemed notifiable must not be disturbed until the authorisation of release has been provided for by the WHSQ Inspector.


        Incident records will be kept on file for the required duration as stipulated under the Act and Regulations. 


        In the event of an emergency: 

        1. Contact emergency services (000)
        2.  Evacuate to the emergency assembly area and notify Ausbuild. 
        3. Wait at the assembly area until you have received further instructions from the emergency services and/or Ausbuild.  

        Corrections vs Corrective Actions

        Site Safety Inspections

        Ausbuild Building Supervisors and WHS Representatives will undertake regular site safety inspections.  

        At times they may request a worker to provide information and conduct a “safety walk” while completing a Site Safety Inspection.  Where non-conforming items have been identified, workers and their supervisors are required to act and address the non-conforming items. 

        Disciplinary Action

        Any subcontractor who refuses to or is unable to carry out the required Correction or Corrective Actions, may be summarily dismissed from the site and be refused entry to the site until such time as the request is complied with or other agreed criteria are met.


        • Verbal warning and advise subcontractor if it involves their worker/s.
        • Second warning - written notification and advise subcontractor if it involves their worker/s.
        • Third & final warning - written notification and complete removal/suspension from the project OR for a serious breach of safety, at the complete discretion of Ausbuild, any worker can be immediately dismissed or removed from the site by Ausbuild without notice.

        Coronavirus COVID 19

        It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with the Government Health directives. Ausbuild is complying with social distancing by limiting how many trades are working at each house (or unit at a Townhouse site). Workers found to be disregarding the rules may be directed to leave the site immediately and may be subject to disciplinary procedures.

        Complete Assessment

        Complete the Ausbuild Site Induction Assessment using the below link. 

        Ausbuild Site Induction Assessment