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Your Home Warranty

Home Warranty Cover

Once you take ownership of your new home you can relax knowing that one of your most valuable assets is now covered by a range of covers warranty plans.  Covers and Warranties start and stop at different times and cover different elements of your home. The general types of cover are detailed below.

New Home Cover

Period: Active for 30 days from your Practical Completion Inspection Date.

You're home up of many parts, and while we have stringent quality inspection processes, small items can sometimes need some attention after you move in. This is why we have our New Home Cover. Once you move in you may notice something that needs our attention, which is not uncommon with any new home, so please alert your Building Administrator we they will look into it for you.

This cover also addresses any items outstanding and identified at Practical Completion Inspection stage by either you (the Client) or an Ausbuild Building Supervisor.

Live-in Home Warranty

Period: Active for 1 Year from Practical Completion Inspection Date.

As your home settles down and starts to feel the pressure of everyday life. It may show signs of minor movement and settlement. Our Live-in Home Warranty is built to cater for these growing pains. If you identify a problem and it needs urgent attention, then simply log immediately. If the problem is a minor and causing minimal inconvenience, we ask that you keep a record and lodge it at either your 6-month mark or your 11-month mark. A member of our Home Maintenance team will be in contact with a reminder your 6-moth Maintenace is due.

Definition: Covers non-structural defect building work that is faulty or unsatisfactory, and includes, work that:
(a) does not comply with the Building Act 1975, Building Code of Australia or an applicable Australian Standard
(b) involves the use of a manufactured product, and that product has been used, constructed or installed in a way that does not comply with the product manufacturer’s instructions.

Queensland Home Warranty

Period: Active for 6 years + 6 Months from Practical Completion Certificate Date and Activated when premium is paid.

Your Queensland Home Warranty is legislated by the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) and is in place to ensure your home meets its structural warranty requirements. It is uncommon, but if your home does show any structural failures, we'll send our inspectors to investigate the possible cause and determine a course of action. Some structural movements are failures are not necessarily at fault to the builder.

Definition: Covers loss for: Non-completion; Vandalism and forcible removal; Fire, storm and tempest; Defective construction; and Subsidence or settlement of the insured work referred to in the certificate of insurance.
Defective building work that is faulty or unsatisfactory includes work that:
(a) does not comply with the Building Act 1975, Building Code of Australia or an applicable Australian Standard
(b) involves the use of a manufactured product, and that product has been used, constructed or installed in a way that does not comply with the product manufacturer’s instructions.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance work applied to your home is essential in keeping it in working order. When completed to schedule and done correctly you can help prevent extra expenses down the line. You’ll need to think about regularly cleaning your wastes and drains, keeping your termite protection barrier maintained, ensuring during storms your windows, doors and loose items are all secured, and applying general and reasonable attention to items in need to repair or adjustment. Your warrant covers you for faults or defect, not neglect and misuse. You’ll need to factor in replacing things as they age and wear out in line with Fair Wear and Tear. All these maintenance jobs should be scheduled and budgeted for, which will help you avoid any nasty surprises.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergencies can be small or they can be serious and life-threatening. You may find yourself having to quickly deal with a water overflow from a blocked drain, damage from a sudden storm or a faulty and dangerous electrical appliance.
- If the issue is life threatening we recommend contacting emergency service first by calling "000".
- If the issue is related to damage caused by a natural disaster or an environment influences contact your home insurance company for instructions on how to proceed.
- If the issue appears to be caused by a faulty or defected part of your home then give us a call. We will assess your concerns and identify a advise the best path forward.

Please note: Ausbuild does not warranty repairs or agree to pay third party expenses without prior approval. For non-life threatening emergencies always call

1300 287 349 first.

Non-structural or Cosmetic Maintenance

Cosmetic and non-structural maintenance covers the vast majority of items in and around your home. This commonly includes items like your kitchen appliances, fixtures and fittings, air-conditioning, electrical components, flooring and finishes. These items are generally used frequently and will require adjustment and maintenance. It is important that when an item is showing abnormal wear-and-tear that it is identified and adjusted, repaired or replaced before additional damage can occur.

Structural Maintenance

It is unlikely that your home will need structural maintenance often but if it does you will need to act quickly. Structural defects refer to significant failures in the structural integrity of your home commonly caused by movement in the land. Whilst your foundations are engineered to respond to anticipated movement that occurs on a daily basis, excessive movement caused by external factors such as water erosion or tree roots can apply force beyond your engineered tolerances. This excessive movement may result in cracks to cabinetry, plasterboard or concrete surfaces and will need to be investigated by an Ausbuild representative.

Fair Wear and Tear

Over time there will be some deterioration due to the normal ageing process and use of the property. This deterioration is called ‘fair wear-and-tear’ (FWT) and is considered normal. This wear is not considered a defect or abnormal fault and will need to be maintained, repaired or replaced by the home owner.