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Your Building Journey

Words by Sara Bellette

Jan 7, 20197 min read
Your Building Journey

Building a home is one of the biggest and most exciting purchase decisions you can make in your life. Some are doing it for the first time, others to fit a growing family and some may be downsizing to suit their lifestyle better.

At Ausbuild, we pride ourselves on being different to the average home builder. By that we mean we have everything you could need – home, land and finance – all in one place. You may have been looking around at other builders, trying to find your own block of land to build on AND even trying to find a mortgage broker to work with, but let us stop you right there. We can do all that for you.

This is our approach to the whole journey too. We’re here to guide and educate you so that you understand exactly what’s involved to help you along your journey.


We have partnered with Loan Market, providing you access to dedicated Mortgage Brokers who specialise in construction loans.

What will happen during this stage

  • You’ll receive a budget to guide you on how much you can borrow


You’ve decided that it’s your time to build your dream home, but what does that home look like? And, where would you like to live? Our Home & Land Consultants will help you make decisions that best suit your lifestyle and your budget, presenting you with the perfect solution.

What will happen during this stage

  • Have your discovery meeting with your Home & Land Consultant
  • Tour a display home
  • Be presented with and review your new home quotation
  • Have your finance pre-approval amount confirmed
  • Accept your quotation and pay an initial deposit


It’s time to gather all your paperwork together so that you receive your building approval (BA). We know that this much paperwork can become overwhelming, which is why your Contracts Administrator will guide you through. It might seem like there’s a lot of double checking involved, but we just want to ensure everything is correct before your build begins.

What will happen during this stage

  • You’ll sign and accept your contract
  • Start arranging your finance application
  • You'll personalise your selections and inclusions
  • you'll receive your finance approval
  • We'll lodge your building approval
  • We'll begin your building preparation


Your new home is about to come to life before your eyes. You’ll have fortnightly contact from your Building Administrator, keeping you up-to-date and informed with what’s been happening on site, and of course your building supervisor will always be available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.

What will happen during this stage

  • We’ll start on site by doing the prep work before the base goes down
  • Your base will be already down before you first have contact with your Building Administrator
  • Your frame will be delivered and installed soon after
  • Your home will be fully enclosed and locked-up
  • Your home is now having all the fixings inside completed
  • Practical completion means we've finished building your home! You'll do an inspection with your Building Supervisor to ensure everything is perfect when you receive your keys.
  • Settlement means that you’ll pay your final invoice to us, settling your construction loan before it switches to a house loan for your mortgage
  • It’s finally the day when we give you the keys to your new home at your handover meeting


You’re covered by our warranty, which means structural issues are covered by us for 6.5 years, you have a 12 months building warranty and any fixtures and fittings are covered by the manufacturer. You might not need this stage, but rest assured with the peace of mind that your Ausbuild warranty gives you.

What will happen during this stage

  • We’ll do a warranty inspection and see what work needs doing before it is completed by either a subcontractor or our own Maintenance team