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What the Feng Shui?


Words by Ausbuild

May 9, 20195 min read
What the Feng Shui?

The energy flow in your home can really impact your health and wellbeing according to the Chinese system of laws known as Feng Shui. But what really is Feng Shui, how can you implement these laws in your own home, and why the Feng Shui would you anyway?

Feng Shui is ultimately about harmony with nature. The term in English translates as “wind-water” and while there is no scientific evidence that Feng Shui’s claims are real, it is a popular practice to incorporate into your new home.

First impressions

Your home should always look fresh and inviting – that first impression counts. Clear the pathway to create a positive energy for when you get home and for guests by removing clutter from your front entrance, both inside and out. Adding plants will create a welcoming energy that will put you at ease, and placing something cheerful either side of the doorway can make for a great first impression. A bright welcoming light is also an enticing opening to a home, so if you can’t have natural light in the hall, make sure it is well lit.

Balance your home

Light is essential for good Feng Shui, to connect you and guests with your environment. Where natural light isn’t possible in your home, make sure that main spaces have dimmers or multiple light sources so that the light levels can be changed throughout the day or to suit the mood. Where natural light is possible, make the most of it.

Embrace the minimalism approach

The kitchen and any connected living spaces should be bright, light and airy – making them feel as spacious as possible. Take a minimalist approach to this by only having on display the items or appliances that you need, and storing everything else when not in use. Fresh fruit and flowers are an easy way to add something living into your home, while also being beautiful to look at too.

Remove negative symbolism

Symbols guide humans in our everyday lives. Ensure the symbols in your home are promoting prosperity. Replace symbols in your home that accentuate challenges with items you want to attract in your own life.

Storage under the bed

If you can avoid it, try not to store items under your bed unless it is clean linen or clothes that are stored. This is the energy that you are absorbing whilst sleeping so your bedroom should be as calming as possible. Fresh air works wonders, and the same goes for scented candles but make sure it’s not too overwhelming in both scent and light.

You may not feel as though Feng Shui can influence your wellbeing, these small practices require only little effort. You may find benefit in the refreshed comfortability you’ve created.