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Development Bulletin | October 2021


Words by Ausbuild

Oct 28, 20212 min read

We would like to take this opportunity to notify you of some early operational works that will be commencing on site at The Sanctuary, Warner to prepare the site for home construction, and create new community infrastructure.

Preparing for the Warner Road Upgrade

Works have commenced on the $2.42m upgrade of Warner Road, which will see the road lifted by 1.7m to sit above the 1 in 100-year flood event, improve road safety, and provide a pedestrian footpath from The Sanctuary along Warner Road over the creek to Old North Road.

As per the conditions of our development approval with Council, we have commenced clearing works in the Council-owned road reserve to prepare for construction of the fauna underpass. The underpass is being created to allow safe passage of wildlife, including koalas, connecting them from the northern riparian area to the creek corridor south of Warner Road.

On completion of the Warner Road upgrade, appropriate speed limit and wildlife signage will be installed to remind motorists to take care.

Fauna Spotters

Fauna spotters are on site every day while the clearing is being carried out and use the latest infrared technology to identity and monitor the movements of koalas in the area. To date, two koalas have moved into the Fauna Spotter’s survey range and continue to be monitored, although neither have moved into The Sanctuary habitat area. The first koala was spotted in a neighbouring property and the second was located near Old North Road.

Fauna Spotters will continue to be on site every day during the clearing works.

Temporary Koala Fencing Installation Near Completion

Weather permitting, the remainder of the special koala fencing will be installed by the end of October. This fencing is being installed to keep koalas within the established habitat areas and away from the construction site. Please find overpage a map showing the area of approved operational works.

Regular Updates

We look forward to keeping you updated as development progresses at The Sanctuary. If you would prefer to receive these updates via email, please send your name and preferred email address to reception@ausbuild.com.au

Site Contact: Darrin Dodunski, Construction Manager, 0438 179 764 or darrin@shadcivil.com.au