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Our Council Approval & A New Application


Words by Ausbuild

Apr 29, 20215 min read

Our Council Approval

Ausbuild currently has an approval from the Planning and Environment Court to develop Lot 2 and part of 54 Warner Rd, Warner.

The approval granted by the Court over Lot 2 and part of 54 Warner Road followed a successful negotiation between Ausbuild, Council and representatives of the Warner community who were concerned about the development’s original design.

A New Application

Ausbuild has made a further development application to Moreton Bay Regional Council to develop Lot 1 utilising the same key principles agreed upon during the negotiations with respect to the development of Lot 2 and part of 54 Warner Road.

The combined benefits of the negotiated outcome achieved before the Planning and Environment Court and the current development application over lot 1 include:

• A much-needed upgrade of Warner Road to Q100 flood immunity at Conflagration Creek

• Riparian Reserve rehabilitated and enhanced to 10ha

• Green corridors re-established for fauna protection and preservation

• Creation of a fauna crossing under Warner Road that will help to ensure animals can move safely and thrive

Fauna underpass concept image.

• A new local park

Playground concept image.

• An important intersection upgrade at Coorparoo Street/South Pine Road to make this junction safer.

Proposed intersection upgrade.

You can view the current Development Application here. Public submissions closed on 23 April 2021.

If you have taken the time to make a submission - Thank you.