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Transform your home into a bohemian wonderland

Words by Sara Bellette

June 11, 20194 min read
Transform your home into a bohemian wonderland

An eclectic aesthetic that’s all about free spirit and wanderlust. Inspired by global textures and materials, the patterns evoke you to a far-off place or markets from every corner of the world.

What is bohemian style?

Much like our Adina home design on display at Prominence, Pallara - bohemian or boho styling embraces the adventures of a collector, mixing treasures and trinkets from different cultures together effortlessly. It may look like there are no real ‘styling rules’ to nailing that bohemian look throughout your home, but even following a ‘more is more’ philosophy has some guidelines. Flying in the face of the minimalist or the modern contemporary look, it’s all about embracing the carefree, the relaxed, the unusual – creating a holistic space where no two rooms are the same.

If you’re looking for a style that truly reflects your personality, or that you can easily manipulate to be more you, well perhaps boho is for you.

Embrace those warm, earthy toned colours like deep browns, terracotta, neutral beiges and muted greens while accessorising with beautiful metallics and stunning jewel tones. Combining and layering colours, materials and textures makes this style unique and different. Don’t be afraid to use styles that conventionally might not work together – there is no wrong approach to adapting the bohemian style for you.

An easy way to bring different bits and pieces together is look for similar base colours in everything, whether it be cushions, vases, rugs, throws or artwork – that one similar tone, colour, texture – whatever it may be, will bring the chaos of different pieces together. Did someone say pendant lighting and feature lamps? Let your lighting be another work of art, the piece that ties a room together with the soft hues and shadows it casts.

Plants, plants and more plants will bring your home to life. The softness that greenery adds to a room immediately counter-balances the heaviness of those natural timbers or starkness of white walls. And, speaking of walls – don’t be afraid to fill them with artwork, mirrors or macramé or two.

Each room can look different to the next, they don’t have to match! Maybe one can have more of those feminine touches with soft pinks, tassels, soft and billowy curtains, while another takes you to the exotic markets of a far-off land by using authentic textiles, leathers and natural fibres. That’s the beauty in bohemian. Everything can look perfectly imperfect, cluttered, over-the-top and mismatched, while still somehow looking full of intent and serving a purpose.

Looking to create this in your own home? Come get lost in the Adina home design, our Bohemian Wonderland, on display at Prominence, Pallara.