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7 reasons why building beats renovating

Words by Sara Bellette

June 6, 20197 min read
7 reasons why building beats renovating

So you’ve spied the perfect fixer-upper and have your heart set on doing a Block-styled renovation with your partner. But, before you go down that very, very long road, can we tempt you with seven reasons why building new beats renovating?

It’s cheaper to build new

If you get down to the nitty gritty of it, building new can be considerably cheaper per square meter in comparison. The reason being? Well, when you build new you are starting fresh and there’s no need to fix previous bad workmanship. Another consideration to the cost side of things - because you can design a home from the ground up, you’re not restricted to what can and can’t be included because of the previous structure.

Depending on the size of your renovation plans, it can become quite labour intensive, with the price of tradespeople adding up very quickly. But, when you build new – every cost involved has already been calculated and factored in, right down to every door handle, light switch and outdoor tap. Save yourself the worry that comes with cost blow outs, let your builder take care of that for you.

Fixed price means fixed price

All Ausbuild homes come with fixed price security, so you know exactly what is included and how much it costs at the beginning. There’s no unexpected cost blow outs so your new home budget won’t dwindle away before your eyes. It’s also handy to know just how much you need to borrow from the bank as well, so you’re not over-committing on a loan that’s higher than what you need. Think of the interest repayments!

Know exactly what is included and how much it costs at the beginning.

Although it’s possible to do a pretty savvy renovation on a budget, you never really know if you’ll come across any underlying problems. Say you’ve just started to knock down a wall and you come across termites, or you start demo’ing your bathroom only to find major plumbing issues. It may even be something as simple as your electrical wiring is in the wrong place for what you’ve got in mind. All of these issues can add up pretty quick and before you know it, half your budget is already gone and you haven’t even bought that new couch yet.

Stress less in your new home

If you ignore the actual stress that physically renovating your home would bring, think of the extra stress of having to live within a renovation. Dust sheets, tools and supplies, half finished rooms, half demolished rooms, cooking in a half built kitchen or showering in a WIP bathroom can prove quite the challenge. Eliminate that excess stress in your life by simply leaving it to the professionals and simply moving in once everything is finished.

You’re covered under warranty

A pretty secure reason for building new lies in the form of a structural guarantee, or warranty – with an Ausbuild home that guarantee is for 6 years and 6 months. Rest easy knowing that if for some reason, something major does go awry in that time, Ausbuild will have your back. This makes for a great on-sell feature too. Imagine being able to buy an almost-brand new home that’s still under warranty? We think that’s definitely a preferable outcome than buying a renovated property where you’ve got no guarantee of the workmanship.

Make no sacrifices, honey!

Build new and get exactly what you want, thanks to our Refined Living Collection. Need we say more?

With a reno, your ideas can often be constricted by what your working space is. Perhaps the outcome isn’t quite what you wanted it to look like or how you wanted it to function. The structural layout of your home governs what you can and cannot renovate, meaning your home reno might not be everything that you thought it’d be.

Want a butler’s pantry, a grand master suite, a media room and a grand alfresco? Easy peasy! Our Home Options allow you choice and personalisation to get everything you want in the one home. We’ve done the hard work for you, so all you have to do is choose.

Reap your home buyer benefits

When you’re buying a home, it’s vital that you plan for all the costs that come with a property purchase. No one likes a financial surprise, especially when it involves spending your hard-earned money on something that you didn’t want or thought you wouldn’t have too.

If you’re a first home buyer, good news! You have some amazing financial support from the government in the form of grants and incentives, especially if you build new. If you’re fortunate enough to be looking for your second, third or even fourth home, there are still some great financial assistance out there for you too, but it’s best to speak to your mortgage broker to find out exactly how much you’re entitled to.

Location, location, location

A big factor to lifestyle is of course where you live. You might prefer the hustle and bustle of the city and being close to work, friends or family, or you might prefer being in the heart of the ‘burbs – the choice is completely yours to make. Maybe you favour the north side of Brisbane over the west side – and that’s okay too.

Most new residential communities, although they not be close to Brisbane CBD, are conveniently located next to all the retail, health and outdoor and everyday conveniences you may need. That’s why developers created master planned communities – we understand the need to be close to a corner store, a well-regarded school, a larger retail experience or even just a nice park to run around in.

For more information on the benefits of building a new home, or to start looking for your dream home design, please contact your nearest Ausbuild home & land centre.