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Smart Solar

Solar That Pays For Itself

Start saving on the cost of your household energy bill with SolarPay

Every Smart Solar Package comes with a 6.6kW Solar System using SolarPay, a free Electric Vehicle Charger, and a Smart Energy App for your phone. You can choose to own the system outright the day you move, a year or two later, or just forget it's up there and its yours to keep in 60 months.


Terms & conditions


Classification: TYPE A3

Title: Smart Solar Package

Valid From: 12th July 2021

Valid To: Until offer withdrawn

Price (Inc GST): $0

Retail Value: $4,990

Valid Within: Ausbuild “Refined Living” Home Collection


Includes supply and installation of the following Smart Solar 6.6kW Package:

17 x 390W Jinko Solar panels

1 x 5kW SolaX Single phase inverter (externally mounted)

1 x SolaX smart electric vehicle (EV) charger 7.2kW max output with Type 2 plug (wall mounted inside Garage, refer working drawings for location)

Stoddart Smart Solar Conditions:

- Subject to eligibility and availability of the solar credits scheme includes Solar STCs rebate claimed by Ausbuild by way of reduced purchase price on unit and assigned to Stoddart Energy Systems.

- Location of roof panels are subject to house design. Panel placement located for optimal sun light orientation. Panels will not be placed to front of house and will not be tilted.

- Panel Watt size and quantity may change to suit supplier product developments.

- 6.6kW Smart Solar Package is included as a standard inclusion. Client is required to enter into a contract with Stoddart’s Energy Systems to allow the supplier to install the solar system on their roof. Stoddart’s Energy Systems will own the solar output for the first 60 months. After 60 months the client will own the solar system outright and have access to all the benefits of solar energy for their own use and to sell back to the grid.

- The client has the option to purchase the system outright at any time, with the purchase price reducing by $1,000 each year. To access the discounted solar electricity, you must have an account with Powershop, who will offer a discount off its standard rates for all solar electricity used for the first 60 months. Client is free to change electricity suppliers at any time after Builder’s handover.

- Refer Stoddart’s SolarPay agreement for full terms and conditions.


Ausbuild Promotional Classifications and General Conditions apply to all promotional offers advertised and implemented by Ausbuild Pty Ltd and its associated companies. The guidelines apply to all current promotional offers across Ausbuild’s Retail Housing Product and all Residential Housing Communities (Land Developments). This promotional offer applies to clients who purchase either Ausbuild Land or an Ausbuild Home on or after the “Valid From” date and before the ‘Valid To’ date. Eligible land is nominated in the “Valid Within” section. Clients who purchase Ausbuild Land must sign a Land Contract and pay the deposit requirements defined within the Land Contract. Clients who purchase an Ausbuild Home must sign a New Home Quotation and pay the deposit requirements defined within the New Home Quotation, and the home must be built within the building contract terms outlined in the Building Contract. Promotional offers specifically excludes Townhouses or Town-homes, Units, Terraces Homes, or any ‘attached’ style housing product unless otherwise specified in the Promotional Offer Criteria. Where the supply of products takes place, Ausbuild reserves the right to change product models and brand if supply or service conditions change - if so, a product of equivalent size and quality will be supplied. Products offered may vary based on home design, suitability, environmental conditions, geographical locations and product supply. Where product sizes vary, the size supplied will be based on a home size and final selection is at Ausbuild’s discretion. Ausbuild reserves the right to discontinued or extended Promotional Offers outside of defined dates at any time without prior notice. The Retail Value of the promotional offer cannot be substituted for other items or be redeemable for cash. The promoter is Ausbuild Pty Ltd, ACN 010 138 860, QBCC Licence 21710. Prices advertised include GST. All promotional offers are subject to Ausbuild’s “PROMOTIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS ”. A copy of these classifications can also be accessed by contacting Ausbuild at support.marketing@ausbuild.com.au.