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Refine your life with Refined Living

Casey Dann

Words by Casey Dann

Jul 5, 20195 min read
Refine your life with Refined Living

Some people refer to it as ‘classic or timeless design’ and others define it as ‘true or long lasting value’. We chose to call it… Refined Living.

Choosing the right home that fits your lifestyle, your needs and your budget is one of life’s biggest decisions, and one that can be filled with overwhelming information that is often hidden beneath the surface.

So how do you cut through all of the clutter out there to build your forever home? And, why can’t choosing that forever home be as easy as 1, 2, 3? Well, have we got some good news for you! Meet our super stylish, all-round amazing home collection called Refined Living.

It sounds fancy, right? Well it is – BUT we promise, it’s also super friendly and its sole purpose is to make your life so much easier. How is this all possible you ask? Here to explain it all is Matt Bell.

Building a new home can certainly seem like a massive task these days. And, with so many different builders out there, it can be hard to differentiate what is not only value for money, but what will be the right fit for you.

“We’re passionate about providing you with solutions that fit your wants and needs, but also your budget – and this is exactly what the Refined Living philosophy is about. Simply refine your home, refine your façade, refine your inclusions and upgrades and you’re good to go.”

The Refined Living Philosophy

We believe that quality design is achieved through innovative thought, elegant delivery, and simple presentation. Our Housing Design team has found the simple balance between striking innovation, practical living and a modern take on those timeless design elements – they’re designed for today’s buyer without dating against the trends of tomorrow. They embrace the Queensland lifestyle, weather and environment, are suited to a range of block sizes, and can cater to just about every family dynamic and combination there is.

Personalise your home and away you go


With 41 single storey homes and 21 double storey home designs to choose from, the choice really is yours. Our homes fit a mixture of block widths too, so we’re certain you’ll find the one for you.


Home Options are an exciting set of pre-designed components that allow you to personalise your home with popular enhancements, while being very cost effective at the same time.

These Home Options grant you the power to personalise your new home with absolute ease and peace of mind knowing that our selections have been expertly designed, consumer tested and cost effective to build.

They let you reconfigure, enhance, swap, extend and add.


Ok, so all the parts are there but you'd like to re-arrange them to fit your lifestyle better? Easy done! Our reconfigure options typically utilise the same area but move all the parts around in a clever way to get a different outcome.

Reconfigure Home Option
In this option, we reconfigure the entry to the dressing room from the master suite, creating more storage space in the dressing room.

So, your current space ticks most of the boxes... but you'd like to enhance it just a little bit more. These options do just that. They work with your existing layout and make them that little bit better.

Enhance Home Option
In this option we enhanced bedroom 4 by integrating the toilet into the bathroom which made space for a spacious walk-in wardrobe.

So, you don't need one room but want another? No worries! With these options, we take 'Room A' and replace it with 'Room B'. This small change can really transform the way the home fits your needs.

Swap Home Options
In this option, we swap the media room for a downstairs guest suite.

The layout is perfect, but lets make it more grand in size. An easy fix with our extension options, we simply take the area and extend it to create more usable space.

Extend Home Option
In this option. we extend the alfresco space to give an outdoor dining space and a second seating area to enjoy your backyard activities.

Let's embrace what you already have and simply add a bit more to the home. Maybe it's a fifth bedroom, a triple garage or another living area. Adding Home Options makes this easily achievable.

Add Home Option
In this option, we added a rumpus room alongside the alfresco - the perfect social companion.

Once you’ve chosen your home design and personalised it, it’s time to refine what your home will look like. Each home has between four and eight on-trend designer facades, inclusions from high quality brands, and home upgrade packs and promotions – all of which will ensure no two Ausbuild homes are the same.

The great Steve Jobs said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” We think he could have been talking about Refined Living.