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Explore the luxury of the Marriot

Casey Dann

Words by Casey Dann

Oct 18, 20195 min read
Explore the luxury of the Marriot

Prepare to meet the home of your absolute dreams in Ausbuild’s grand design, the Marriot.

Where five bedrooms, four living spaces, three-and-a-half bathrooms and a home office are all possible under the one roof that fits neatly on a common 14 metre wide block.

Bold and powerful, this home brings a new twist to contemporary living, with a subtle (well let's be honest, not so subtle) air of elegance and sophistication. 

Upon entry, you’re greeted by a secluded media room and home office tucked away, before walking through to the heart of the home. Downstairs is all about openness and a welcoming presence to draw you and your guests into the expansive open plan kitchen, living and dining area. 

Glass and aluminium bi-fold doors open up from both the kitchen and rumpus room, which instantly welcomes you onto the alfresco.

Upstairs takes you to a whole new level. Where plush carpet underfoot, paired with chic styling and billowing chiffon curtains provide an immediate softness to each room.

If you're looking for a home design where the grand master suite resembles those 'I'm on holidays in a beautiful hotel' vibes, well you'll certainly get that in the Marriot. Complete with a built-out display nook, balcony walk-in wardrobe with plenty of clever sectional configurations, and of course - a grand ensuite with a glorious freestanding bath. This parent's only retreat will be your relaxation haven.

Have teenage kids? The Marriot home design has you covered, where bedroom two and three come with their own walk-in wardrobes and a shared ensuite between them. You'll never hear arguments in the morning over mirror time when everyone is rushing to get out the door. 

The Marriot is perfect for those buyers looking to combine everyday practicality and liveability with ultimate luxury and sophistication.”
The Marriot
The heart of the Marriot instantly welcomes you in

The modern luxe styling throughout the Marriot is achieved by pairing a moody scheme of darker muted tones, against beiges, greys and neutral whites, described Ausbuild’s design studio manager Marissa Lintott.

“This neutral base provides the perfect canvas for teal and gold accents, which brings a sense of drama and interest to this sophisticated, modern home."

Gold accents have been incredibly popular choice with clients of late; definitely a trend that will continue into 2020."

Marissa Lintott

“We have a full suite of gold accent hardware, tapware and fixtures within the studio for clients to select from, but of course the finished product will always look better in a home.

“The Marriot is a beautiful home and has been a popular destination for current clients wanting styling inspiration, but also for those who are still in decision-making mode,” Ms Lintott said.